Friday, September 22, 2006

Toilet Paper 2.0

When you couldn't think toilet paper could be re-invented, Renova went and did it, well sort of. These soft, elegant 3-ply, fragrance bath tissue paper come in colors. Yes you heard that right, in color. The maker claims that these have been tested under dermatological and gynecological control and are biodegradable soothing tissues that do not bleed any color. The new york times calls it "This season's must-have". Price $150 for 45 rolls. That's the minimum amount you can order. Currently available in black but other colors are on the way. If you just cannot get enough fashion in your bathroom then go for these. Frankly I myself will save that $150 towards the rumored iPod phone.

[Renova - Buy Black]

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Wear your digital ego around that waist

Egokast is belt buckle size 3.5TFT personal media player that's meant to be shared with the world. Load up an SD memory card with all sorts of video and audio content, stick it into this player, stick the player in the belt buckle casing, put it around your waist, go out and proudly claim to the world how much of a geek you are. Or if you are a bonafied clubber, load it up with a psychadelic clip and be the center of all stares. Needless to say you sure will get a lot of stares to your waist and below, if you are comfortable with that. Highly priced at US$289

[Egokast - digital waist band]

Get your time and digital pictures too

This desktop clock comes with your standard time features - time, date, alarm, calendar, & meteorological measure. The WOW factor is its ability to display upto 22 pictures in a slideshow format. Running on 2XAAA batteries, you transfer pictures using USB cable and software from you PC onto it and simply let it go. I wonder if you can turn off the slideshow to conserve battery power, if not I can see the need to change batteries every couple weeks. Even though it is not an LCD digital frame, for an office desk where daydreaming is not allowed, this comes closest to an approved method of distraction. US$69.26

[Digital Photo Frame & Clock]

Simple online Digital Alarm

You need a alarm set quickly so you can catch some sleep under your desk while the boss is away. comes to your rescue. Open a web browser to this site, set the alarm and start your snooze. At the designated time the alarm goes off, turn it off and repeat the process. Of course you can use this for other tasks, but what would be the fun in that? US$FREE.