Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Pen made for the exquisite one in your life

Don't let this pen decieve you. Under the seeming plain old look, its construction our of two .308 bulllet casings placed end-to-end, displays the famous Colt brand. US$58.99. Check out the similarly constructed Wine Popper Stopper, Sport Key Fob, & Marksman Pen

[Hunter's Jewels]

Friday, December 23, 2005

Wonderbeings - wonderful world of digi stick people

These little digital stick people live in their respective digital boxes. With their own individual behavior patterns that impact their personality through their interaction with you via motions sensors or through buttons located on their box. Multiple of them can be connected by sticking them to each with magnetic portlets on each side of their cubes. Once connected, the magic, or the chaos really kicks on. US$29.99 for a set of two. Build your stick people revolution.

[Cube World digital stick people]

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Razzle Dazzle them with Fancy Napkin folds

Razzle dazzle your guests; family; friends; or that person whose hear you are trying to win over by making dinner, with these fancy napkin folding. This site shows you how.

[Learn Fancy Napkin Folds] - No more inked Palms

PicoPad comes to the rescue for those moments when you need to desperately write something down but don't have a pen and/or paper. This small pen and pad of tacky notes wrapped in a stylish case, fit right into your wallet. Now why didn't I think of this? Simply genious. Now don't waste paper on writing fake phone numbers in bars. For that use the annyoing dude's palm. US$3.89 for a nice package.


Custom bookmark in its glory

Once you look past the lack of grammer, the author of this page amazingly pulls off a good set of instructions and pdf template of creating your own custom bookmark. Print out the pdf fold and you are good to be bookmarking.

[Personalized Bookmark]

GiftBox: Santa's gift giving organizer

This FREE service simplifies management of your gift giving / recieving. You can keep track of gift ideas, gifts you have recieved, gift returns, wishlist of gifts, recieve reminders of gift giving, and even send out thank you eCards. Excellent for the holiday season, or weddings.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

FREE gift for Featured Reader in January

Be a featured reader in January and get a FREE gift. On January 1st, one reader will be featured on netintrigues. Based on popularity this giveaway might return in February of 2006. To be considered, you could do any one or more of the following:

  • leave legitimate, more than one line comment about postings on netintrigues (the more the better)
  • leave general comment (on this posting) about netintrigues - what you like most about it, how long have been reading, what would you like to see more of, etc.
  • start a Digg story about a posting on netintrigues
  • link to netintrigues from your blog or website (Talk Digger will be used to find such linking)

If you are chosen, we will email you (privacy of your email guaranteed). Your picture (or some clean visual representation of you) will be featured on the main page along with link to your blog or web site and even a little interesting tid-bit about you. Spread the word and start netintriguing.

January's featured reader will be getting a bonafied US$20 Best Buy gift card.

January's featured reader has been chosen. Thw winner is being contacted for permission before publishing any information about her. Stay tuned.

Monday, December 19, 2005

3D Papercrafting - new art form of folding

First Yamaha's papercrafts and now Canon's papercraft site offers some amazing (albeit time consuming) folding goodness in forms of animals, science, buildings, toys, origami, etc. You download a pdf, cut, glue, fold and put it together. If you have a few hours to kill give this a try. Thus, the folding war begins. I wonder if there a world folding championship out there. Any comments?

[Canon Papercraft]

SPEED LACES - lace freedom

This Speed Laces is a heaven sent for frequent shoe wearers who hate having to tie laces (c'est moi). Using frictionless fittings and a cord lock guarantees constant and euqal comfort with adjustable tension. The lacing even automatically adjusts to changing pressure.

[Speed Laces]

Talk Digger lets you lead or follow iNet chatter

Talk Digger lets you track ineternet chatter about a particular web site, blog, or page. It also lets you find discussions on any products or news. Its strenghts shine in showing you who is talking about your blog or site. Check it out. US$0.00 (the best price)

[Talk Digger]

Thursday, December 15, 2005

BiOrb - luxury living for your pet fish

BiOrbs are not your typical fish tank, these sutting pieces of furniture not only add style, but also a great conversation center-piece. With some hi-tech systems, the manufacturer touts this to be a maintenance free system. Like the many iPod accessories, these BiOrb come with a foray of add-ons (Heater Packs, Colour Match, Feng Shui Pebbles, Time of day mimicking LED lighting system, First Aid Filter, many more). Starter pack includes BiOrb with lighting and even 6 months of fish food starting at US$120


Shine on with DOT-it LED

A new era has dawned in the world of stick-on tap lights. Dark closets sing praise of DOT-it LEDs. Looking like colorful wheels, sylvania has released smaller lighter 3M reusable adhesive backed tap on LED lights. A array of 3 LEDs shine on at the tap of their center. Costing US$9.95 (at Amazon) each they come in six metallic shades.

[DOT-it LED]

Monday, December 12, 2005

Show your moods with pride

Why didn't I think of this? Moodblurbs are real life comic like blurbs that are held up high (more like clipped onto) with a holder. You can connect them to laptops, cubicles, bicycle, anywhere you want to clip it. Designed as conversation starters or social isolation tools, these express your mood, intentions, or humor of the moment. I'm throwing down all my junk for hundreds of these strewn all over me. I can never stick to one mood at a time. Guess I'm a complete loss. Starter packs come with 8 'moodblurbs' and a holder. They even sell expansion packs. US$14.95 to get started, US$9.95 for expansion packs.


Let your inner flowerchild play with Wonder Vase

Made of strong, thermal sensitive polymer, these vases can be hand formed by pouring hot water and then freezing the shape by refilling it with cold water. Rinse and smooth flat to store away. Measures 11" by 6". Available in blue, green, and white. They even make a card version. So now will you let your inner flowerchild plant flowers everywhere it pleases? US$5.95

[Wonder Vase]

Eureka! write your songs / thoughts in the shower

OK genius! Here is the perfect tool for your shower thought escapades. This Erasable Shower Note Tablet is reusable and combined with waterproof crayon can bring new definition to wet lists. Crayon caddy and suction cup included. US$15.99.

[Erasable Shower Note Tablet]

Make a statement with your photo this holiday

MacWorld has an excellent article about how your prescious photo can be cherised on things as diaper bags, photo canvas, caosters, mouse pads, keepsake box, and etc. The article gives you links and even approximate cost in US$. This article rocks for any photo creativist.

[Gifted photos - MacWorld]

Thursday, December 08, 2005

IVR Cheat Sheet(tm) by Paul English

Ever get tired of listening to those twiny tunes while holding? Ever wonder how much of your prescious time you will waste trying to work through the ever so complex autmated phone menus just to talk with a live person? IVR Cheat Sheet by Paul English has published an extensive guide to by passing all the 1 2 3 choices and go straight to the customer service department. Guide details for many retailers, corporations, and organizations

[IVR Cheat Sheet - Paul English]

Forget me Not- doorhanger

This doorhanger simply does what you cannot do - remember everything all the time. A simple yet effective tool to remind yourself to wear a hat as you step out the door, or maybe remind you to wear shoes as you step out. OK, comedy aside, this tool / hanger can be useful in reminding you of those important yet small things. US$5.95 for 50 Sheets.

[Do Not Forget doorhanger]

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Band your arm with a Nike nano case

Nike's latest sport armband for iPod nano. Made from lightweight Nike Pro compression fabric and Dri-FIT material and is also machine washable. In gray-orange or black-gray, with small-medium or medium-large cosing US$40.

[Nike iPod nano armband]

Wage missions with Air Darts via USB

Control and aim these air soft bad boys (3 of them to be specific) through your USB and PC/Mac. Needs a software, perfect office desk toy. Maybe someone can mod it to a motion sensor or some crazy accessory? Go ahead and comment on how this could be augmented. US$32

[USB powered Air Darts]