Friday, December 29, 2006

MacBook See Through Love

Speck Products SeeThru Hard Cases for 13" & 15" MacBooks come in red and transparent colors. Made of translucent hard plastic, they give off a shiny look with finger-print protection. US$49.95. I wish I knew about these before Christmas. There is also Canvas Sport sneaker inspired soft cases going for US$39.95 in black or pink. Cuteness!

[SeeThru Hard Shell for MacBook]

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Artistic Shuffle Love

Shufflesome are high quality vinyl foil stickers for your Gen1 and Gen2 iPod Shuffle. The site features amazing artwork from many artists around the world. Be sure the check out their gallery of designs. You can also upload your own pictures or graphics and have them stickerify it for you. US$6.40. With that price get yourself a dozen and send me a couple.


Super Sling for the book-lover / book-worm

This falls under the category of Now why did I not think of that?. This elastic sling has a pen holder and an added book mark. Attach it to your book, clipboard, and any writable surface around which you can put this sling around. US$5.99. Comes in Mango, Grape, or Cranberry colors. Now why did they have to choose fruit colors? I wonder if they smell like the fruits too. Simple yet very handy gadget for book readers unlike me.


Printable Templates for an Organized Home brings us some printable template love. Here you can find cute, colorful templates of many categories. To-Do, Checklists, Calendar, Miscelaneous organizing fun. Download the pdf and simply print with your own printer. US$FREE. I say why not try them out. I have the Dec. 2007 calendar template hanging on my fridge.

[Organized Home Printable templates]

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fire & Ice together again - Thaw Ice Candle

I absolutely love this candle concept. Something about it screams style and intrigue, just like romance. The Mathmos Thaw Ice Candle has blended fire & ice in a way I have not seen before. The tea light holder lets you to create an ice diffuser/surround. The diffusion effect changes as the tea light burns down and the heat from the fire melts the ice. The melted ice is conveniently collected in the base of the product as to not create a mess. Use is again and again. It does require a little bit of preparation work but it is well worth it. US$48.00

[Mathmos Thaw Ice Candle]

LaCie Huby an artisitc desktop USB hub

Designed exclusively for LaCie by Ora-Ïto, the LaCie Huby is an artistic is an USB & FireWire Combination hub. Compatible with PC or Mac, the Huby, with its glossy white polycarbonate finish, and flexible cables, gives you 4 USB 2.0 ports & 2 FireWire 400 ports. The packaging comes with 5 USB 2.0 & 3 FireWire 400 cables, a USB fan, a USB light, a USB extension cable and a FireWire 400 extension cable. You can customize what you implement. I can see how it might look like it has grown tentacles, but I like that look. US$79.99

[LaCie Huby]

Chart your next seatings with

To every Event Planner, Bride, Groom, Party Planner out there, take not of Drop any of those shareware, cumbersome, complicated seating chart software. If you are still on paper, then I invite you to the wonderful world of electronic seating charts. This website offers you a free drag and drop printable seating chart solution. No programming required. No software to install, simply use your computer, internet connection, and already installed web browsing software on your machine. US$ FREE. Now go forth, spread the word, and seat chart away my faithful followers.


Monday, December 11, 2006

Go the extra mile this time - give the gift of Personalized iPod

If you want to give the gift of iPod music this Christmas, then why not set your gifting apart from the many others who will be doing the same this year. Go one step above and gift a pre-loaded iPod. The idea is to load the iPod with sentimental / favorite / Bahumbug music into a new iPod, repackaging it and presenting it. Of course you need to be very careful not to destroy the original packaging. But for the little trouble imagine the brownie points you will earn. Here is a link to a article that makes this process dummy proof. Yes, yes, you could also take the easy route of personalization and get it engraved.

[Gift of pre-loaded iPod]

Find the right gift for the right Personality has profiled men and women of different tastes to come up with categorized gift guide by personalities. The categories don't just end at 'For Him' or 'For Her', nor does it stop at simple breakdowns. With sub-categories like 'Spiritual & Religious' & 'Well-dressed Child' you are sure to find suggestions for the most picky person in your life. Go ahead give it a whirl.


Friday, December 08, 2006

Klever Kutter saves the day & your fingers too

Just in time for the holidays, The Klever Kutter from Safecutters Inc. is an American-made, high-quality cutting blade, that is safe to the touch and the razor quickly cuts through cardboard, plastic, shipping straps, shrink wrap, and much more. Other than the low price, the most interesting fact about this box cutter is that recently it has been recognized and approved by US Homeland Security as the only cutting tool safe for air transport. Now that is an achievement on its own. Buy some for yourself, your friends, and some for me. US$1.96 each. Volume discount available.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

OhGizmo Holiday Giveaway - $1,200 Worth Of Stuff And Counting

OhGizmo is giving away a mother load of free stuff. If you win you will get the whole package consiting of Gift Certificate, From Vaja Cases, Nexus Laser, The Biohazard Watch, Neuros Recorder 2 Plus, Neuros Recorder 2 Plus, The Ice Jacket, and ID Messenger Bag And Accessories Package, From Tom Bihn. Check it out. Enter and win! Oh Lord, please let me win something for once.

[OhGizmo Holiday Giveaway]

Mind your power consumption - save $ and the planet

This Mini Power Minder is a great power consumption monitor. When the PC (plugged into the primary outlet) is turned on or off, power is either activated or deactivated in the secondary outlet. The monitor communicates with the PC using USB. Plug in your peripherals on an electric strip and plug that into the secondary outlet, voila!. For US$14.95 this is a great steal. I want one.

[Mini Power Minder]

Take your laptop where no laptop has gone before

With 6 adjustable joints capable of rotating 360 degrees and aluminum surface to absorb heat, this laptop desk/table/tray can go anywhere and morph into any supporting form. Lay with in Bed Style, sit with it Desk Style. The legs fold completely flat for easy storage. Dimensions: Top board 48 x 24cm, Leg 30cm x 3. For US$58.17. All I know is that I wouldn't want to get caught dead with it.

[Easy Desk Aluminum]