Sunday, January 13, 2008

Article: So you want to play the investing game?

In this article 35 Common Sense Rules for Investing, author presents some very effective 35 common sense rules. If you are new or a veteran, check yourself against these before making your next trade. Happy hunting.

[35 Common Sense Rules for Investing]

No mess or fuss or even strangers for self portriats - Quik Pod

The Quik Pod is the self-photographers dream device. Its a small portable telescoping device that you attach your camera to. You extend it out hold it and take self photographs without the help of a stranger. The manufacturer claims that due to it lightweight your hand will stay perfectly stable as you shoot your self. This device has been getting a great deal of media coverage lately. They have plenty of accessories (suction cup mount, cross legs, carrying bag, etc.) even a heavy duty version for DSLR cameras. The heavy duty one is touted to be usable as a monopod. It can even be used under water. Check out the pictures and video on the product site. Starts at US$24.95. Get one for your upcoming vacation / event.

[Quik Pod]

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Whose your daddy of all Fanny Packs

The Grabit Pack designed by a stunt man & special effects artist Louis Kiss, is a fanny pack that has been 'masculanized' and re-birthed into the 21st century. The design is similar to a tactical gun holster only it is meant to carry your gadget / every day gear that you can fit into its three pockets (cell phone pocket, wallet pocket and a top misc pocket). US$23.00. I couldn't say how fashionable it could be for daily city use (might actually scare some people), but I can certainly see it usefulness in the outdoors and in certain careers.

[Grabit Pack]

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Take pictures of fish in their natural habitat - under the water

This underwater camera mask from Liquid Image is exactly that. This is a static focus (that means no zooming) mask that takes Micro SD card, powered by 2AAA batteries takes pictures and videos. The viewfinder is actually embedded as cross-hairs on the lenses. There are two different models to fit different age ranges. Make sure you get the right model for your age. Price: Un-announced yet. In the mean-time check out The Digital Hero

[Liquid Image Underwater Mask Camera]

The Player that makes me make an exception

In the market for portable DVD players, I never found any compelling reason to buy such a unit. After all with iPods, iPhones who needs needs a giant unit to watch video plus worry about carrying additional DVDs, charge, weight etc. etch. In the case of iLuv's i1155 I have to set aside all my such feelings. This 8.4 inch portable multimedia player (16:9 aspect ratio) TFT LCD for iPod and DVD exudes sleek slim audio-video experience. Its only iPod video compatible with touch sensitive control with internal iPod housing and charging, rechargeable battery. US$249.99 might be cheaper on the internet.

[iLuv Portable Multimedia Player for your iPod and DVDs]

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I chase you, You chase me - Laser toy for the grown ups

The Deluxe Laser Challenge Pro Set is nothing but a cool geek toy suitable for both kids and adults alike. You could say it is laser tag brought to the 21st centruy. "Each set contains two blasters pistols, loaded with features - most importantly the LCD Screen which shows your remaining ammo and how many times you've been hit. Want to heft something a little bigger? Lock on the barrel extender and slide on the scope, and now you're holding a blaster rifle." You can play in "Deathmatch" mode (everyone can hit everyone) or in "Team Play" mode. You don't even have to wear any dorky vests. The guns keeps track of the hits. The best part of it is the price. US$49.99. Someone please buy me one of these, please!!!

[Deluxe Laser Challenge Pro Set]

Auto wireless upload of your pictures direct from your camera with Eye-Fi

This 2GB SD memory card is not your typical SD card. The sweetness to this memory card is that is has built-in Wi-Fi capability that allows it to connect to a pre-configured wi-fi hotspot and upload full resolution jpeg pictures stored on it to your pc and/or many of the social sites out there. You configure all the parameters through a software configuration tool and after that each time it comes in range of the configured network it connects to the services and uploads all the pictures. You however cannot selectively upload only certain pictures it will do the whole set. Supports sharing and printing websites, including Fotki, Shutterfly, dotPhoto, webshots, phanfare, Picasa Web albums, flickr, TypePad, Wal-Mart, snapfish, VOX, smugmug, facebook, photobucket, Kodak Gallery, and Sharpcast. US$100


Yet another cable tamer

In the ever expanding cable organizer market we have another entrant, The Cable YoYo. "Cableyoyo is an empty spool around which you wrap your existing cord. It will take any cord up to 5mm in diameter, and this covers all low voltage chargers, USB, firewire, data and telephone cables." Despite its thin-factor and pocket portability, I simply cannot overlook the fact that it might completely cover both outlets of the wall. One can stick it to surfaces with adhesive and swivel. I am indifferent about it. US$4.95


This pen is indeed mighter than the sword

The Inka Pen is made with high-strength aerospace-grade stainless steel which is hardened then CNC machined and then laser engraved. Its lightweight and watertight. "The pressurized ink cartridge ensures the pen will write wet or dry at any angle, any temperature, and any altitude". Can be used in short length or full-length and even has a PDA stylus. US$20 for stainless steel or US$50 for Titanium version.

[Inka Pen]