Thursday, January 03, 2008

I chase you, You chase me - Laser toy for the grown ups

The Deluxe Laser Challenge Pro Set is nothing but a cool geek toy suitable for both kids and adults alike. You could say it is laser tag brought to the 21st centruy. "Each set contains two blasters pistols, loaded with features - most importantly the LCD Screen which shows your remaining ammo and how many times you've been hit. Want to heft something a little bigger? Lock on the barrel extender and slide on the scope, and now you're holding a blaster rifle." You can play in "Deathmatch" mode (everyone can hit everyone) or in "Team Play" mode. You don't even have to wear any dorky vests. The guns keeps track of the hits. The best part of it is the price. US$49.99. Someone please buy me one of these, please!!!

[Deluxe Laser Challenge Pro Set]