Monday, October 22, 2007

Untangle your corded life - CorgHog

This rubbery CordHog, with its 2inches diameter body can beat 12 feet of wire in submission, by allowing you to wrap around its body. Here is a How-to. They come if numerous colors (transparent, blue, red, etc.). US$6.00 for a pack of 6.


Stocking stuffer for the DIY-er in your life: Space Nice robot kit

This eight legged Space Nine star explorer robot kit is a DIY kid's play heaven. Remote controlled by an infrared transmitter you can control its moves and turns. Space Nine can walk on rough surfaces, turn left and right, and even cross rocks. The kit comes in two DIY flavors - Non Solder and Solder versions. Requires basic hand tools to assemble the parts. Solder version requires soldering iron and solder. Costs US$34.95

[Space Nine Robot Kit]

55 Essential Articles Every Serious Blogger Should Read

Composed by Matt Huggins these entry lists 55 excellent articles for every newbie to expert blogger. These are must read in my opinion. The articles are divided into several categories, which are:
Blogging Basics: Getting Started
Building Meaningful Content
Increasing Traffic & Retaining Readers
Linkbaiting, SEO, & Social Networks
Building a Community
Blog Monetization
Miscellaneous Blogging Advice

[55 Essential Articles Every Serious Blogger Should Read]