Sunday, January 28, 2007

Belkin shows some design love for laptops

Check out these newly released laptop CushTop, PocketTop and SleeveTop. These laptop accessories / cases come in silver, green, or orange. They have special compartments for the bulky power adapter and cord so you don't have to keep taking them out each time you want to use plug in your laptop. They are made up of durable hand-washable material. Comes with lifetime warranty. Prices start at US$34.99

[Belkin CushTop, PocketTop & SleeveTop]

The Amazing OpenX - save your sanity

Scene: My favorite new gadget just arrived in the mail all wrapped and sealed in plastic packaging. Can't wait to dig in and start handling it. I start to cut with the scissors, the stubborn packaging requires box cutter or chicken shear. After needing to totally destroy the packaging, scraping my hands a few times, I realize the gadget is broken. The seller requires original packaging to consider a valid return. If only I didn't have to destroy the packaging.

Next time I'm going to use the Amazing OpenX. A simple concept but ingenious tool. Oh next time for Christmas, I'm buying a half-dozen of these and giving out like candy. US$4.95

[The Amazing OpenX]

Fold Readymechs for some wow factor

The art of Papercraft is rapidly becoming a fashion trend these days. This art form originates from the ancient Chinese tradition of folding. You can now find printable templates of animals, toys, historic buildings to just about anything. Check this blog or past entries on papercrafting. We have another addition to this list. Readymechs are free, flatpack toys for you to print and build. They are designed to fit on an 8.5"x11" page and printed with any printer. You’ll need double-sided tape, thick matte paper, and 10-15 minutes for build time. I like the simplicity, nostalgic, yet wow impact of this series.


Sound with Sparkles - bling bling your headphones too

To my fashionable readers out there, check these hand beaded earphones aptly titled Sparkle Ear Drop Earphones. These dynamic full range earphones are ultra light with silicone ear bud design have high-fidelity 10mm drivers connected by a gold-plated stereo mini-plug. Basically, they are good enough quality inside but its the outside appearance these headphones are going for. They come in Blue Hearts, Blue Studs, Crystal Spheres, Pink Hearts, Pink Studs, and Sapphire Spheres. With that price tag buy a pair for the favorite friend or girl in your life. Get a pair if you'd like to be notices. US$24.95.

[Sparkle Ear Drop Earphones]

The generations outdoor survival kettle - Kelly Kettle

For the hard-core campers like me out there, the Kelly Kettle is the re-birth of the Volcano Kettle, has been an essential piece of kit for Irish fishermen for generations. This ingenious kettle allows for boiling water rapidly with virtually any fuel in some of nature's most harshest of conditions. This kettle has a buil-in combustion chamber that heats a larger surface of the liquid contained in the kettle. It is hard to describe the process in words to peep the website. The kettle comes in 2.5 pints or 1 pint sizes. The producer has added 'Cook Set' and 'Pot Support'. Starting at $66.50

[Kelly Kettler]

Friday, January 19, 2007

Light up your lawn by day and night

This Solar Night Sunflower is a night light for your lawn or patio. You heard it. The center of the flower has solar panels that charge by day and light up the light with fiber optics cable at night. Now you can show your geeky pride to the whole neighborhood. US$29.99

[Solar Night Sunflower]

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Clocky rolls and runs from you

They call it clocky, I don't know why. This clock with its standard fair, has two things going for it, when the alarm sounds and you hit snooze, it starts rolling on its wheels. Yes, it rolls away and keeps rolling until it can't roll anymore. The second thing going for it, you can decorate it with accessories. Supposedly it can safely drop from a max. height of 2 feet. Comes in aqua, white, or or mint. I can't decide if its retro or something innovative. Frankly I don't see a place in my bedroom. US$49.99


Monday, January 01, 2007

Show you care with a touch of Google & Geogreeting

Geogreeting is a neat little google map mash-up that has a hidden surprise. Type your message, up to a max of 40 characters, then a card is generated with buildings across the world depicting shapes of each character in your message. Simply awe striking for the reciever of your greeting. Well, at least the first time they receive it.


Sexy Flat Keyboard - Logitech Alto

If you are one who enjoys using your laptop as your desktop, then peep this sexy keyboard, laptop stand from Logitech titled Alto. This folds flat for storage, contains an adjustable laptop stand, integrated soft palm rest, programmable hot keys, integrated three USB 2.0 ports, integrated flat LED status lights, best of all - connects to any brand laptop via USB connection. US$99.99. All I can say, va-voom!

[Logitech Alto]