Saturday, July 14, 2007

A sexy way to display your iPod, iPhone, or other digital devices

Got your shiny new iPhone or iPod, want to show it off or give it a prime spot on your desk? Why not do it in style with the PED2 from The elegant design of the PED is not only compatilble with iPod but many other devices too, including the iPhone. While the PED2 works with every generation full size iPod it also works with the iPod mini and Nano (optional Nkit required for the nano). Not only does it cradle all of these devices bare, it will also work all with a case or skin too. Cable management provided by the rubber grommet allows the PED2 to keep your sync and charge cables where they are needed and ready for easy use, not on the floor or behind your desk. Formed from steel, not plastic. The PED2 will is a stable fixture on your desk. I want one. Comes in black US$44.99 or white US$39.99


Handel-It your prescious MacBook

Handle-it by Case-mate is the ultimate fashion to carry your Apple notebook virtually anywhere. Designed exclusively for the MacBook & constructed of resilient aircraft aluminum (in either black or white). It is accented with Case-mate’s trademark embossed, Italian Pebblestone leather for added style and comfort while carrying. In use, it doubles converts to a passive heat sink which folds underneath the laptop allowing better airflow and promoting cooling. US$49.00 is fashionable worthy. Pair this is one of the colorful Sleeves you got an all around protection. Sleeves for go $99.99 each.


A revolution to your grocerry list

Everyone needs to do grocerry shopping and everyone needs to make a list for such shopping. Gone are the days of little scraps of paper for listing over the weeks or having to copy your list from a dry erase board sticking on your fridge, thanks to SmartShopper you can digitize your list. You speak your item into this gizmo, it recognizes your voice and adds the said item to a list in its memory. When you are ready to go shopping simply print out the list and go. The creator uses a catch phrase Say it, Print it, Go get it. Check out the site. The US$149.00 price tag is well worth the investment.