Monday, November 06, 2006

Run away with this keeper of Nike Sport Kit

RunAway is a universal shoe adapter and an organizer for Nike Sport Kit. It works with any running shoes with shoelaces along with a nifty storage for the receiver. Made of an ultra strong polycarbonate base and an ABS cap which safely protects the iPod Sports transmitter. Available in orange, black, blue, white, red, and pink. US$7.99


Bendy beautiful booklight

This bendy, bookmark is perfect for nighttime reading of your favorite novel or romance literature. Its named markLight made by MyLight. It uses super bright 3 LEDs for upto 40 hours of claimed lighting, has replacable batteries with 1 or 3 lamp settings. Its available in leather, nylon, or plush print. What's your flava? US$19.95


T-Qualizer rocks your disco world

The T-Qualizer used a thin layer of electroluminescence that picks up sound beats and react like a graphic equalizer of a stereo. In other words, unless you are in some european underground club, this T-shirt is either your ticket for getting kicked out for bringing on the geek factor, or if you are darn lucky a magnet for attention from unpredictable numbers of unpredictable sexes. Meant to be perfect for clubs, parties, or just to impressing your friends who might run away or drop theirs jaws at your talents. Comes in classic, red-hot, cool-blue, purple, or green. These sure are nostalgic. US$34.99


Vanity in the folds of of your Phone

This vanity gadget is I'd say more for women or for very vain men. ScreenMirrors are transparent films that produce a high quality mirror effect when a screen's backlight is off, but allow for clear display visibility when the backlight is on. ScreenMirrors are easy to apply, and a special adhesive allows the film to be removed without leaving behind an adhesive residue. Available for your favorite flavor of iPod and a RAZR. Starting at US$14.99