Thursday, June 14, 2007

Share some love with online Screen-casting

Screencast-O-Matic provides an invaluable service for FREE. They allow you to create a screen cast (an animation of your computer screen that you would like to share, complete with audio). You can do this without needing to install any software and they even host your screencast for you. You can make it public or keep it private. They even allow you to export your screencast to quicktime. Where have this been all my life. No need to spend hours trying to explain screens to the other party anymore. Simply screencast it. Check out this Netintrigues screecast.


Be your own social billboard

Wear your cause on your sleeve literally. Reactee is a either a marvelous concept or a social suicide. This service allows you to pick a slogan, also allows people to text message a particular keyword to 41411, and then receive a custom response message that you set. In essence you become the social billboard for your own social, personal, or global cause. You pay for ordering the T-shirt (comes is about 6 pre-set colors with numerous sizes for men and women), the service itself doesn't have any charge (standard messaging applies)