Friday, March 31, 2006

This will make a typer out of you - Das Keyboard

This keyboard is not for the faint of hearts. Why? Just look the keys - no letters or numbers are printed on them. This Das Keyboard if for the hard core touch typers or for those wanting to become 100% touch typers. This USB keyboard features individually weighted key switches that are customized for the force required to press the key, resulting in more comfort. US$70 for a limited time offer.

[Das Keyboard - sleek yet extreme]

The Hummer of a Mouse V400

This bad boy mouse features dual laser tracking technology with 2.4GHz digital cordless signal with battery indicator, internal storage for its transmitter, programmable forward/backward buttons, and even a tilt wheel that zooms and moves side-to-side. Paired with its rugged design and manufacturer claims of being an all-terrain pointing device, could you blame me for comparing it to the Hummber? US$50

[Hummer mouse - V400]

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Jack of all Electric Outlets TUMI

No more needing to carry 20 different electric outlet adapter if you are traveling overseas. This TUMI brand electric adapter is a jack of all outlets. It has 4 adaptor configuration in one unit. Features a replacable electric fuse and case claimed to work in 150 countries. US$50

[TUMI Electric Adaptor]

Monday, March 27, 2006

Who needs a pen when you can have a Perfume Pen

Its an expensive pen! No its a pointer! No its a stylish marker! No! Its a Perfume Pen! In the long and never-ending race for better ways to carry perfume in a purse, these pen's with a sponge tube interior are the latest installations. The Sponge absorbs the perfume and you apply them by dabbing the tip on your skin. A quick refresher. Probably you will have to keep it refreshed and regularly used, otherwise they might dry out. US$7.00

[Perfume Pen]

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Pins and Needles for Time with Pin Clock

So I've seen water clocks, hovering display of time, and even a wooden clock, but this one gives me pins and needles for time. This timepiece uses individual pins that extend when required for each digit of time. Can you imagine all the push and pulls this thing has to go through for each minute? US$59.99 for a limited time offer.

[Pins Clock]

Sizzle me baby, Sur La Table

Just look at the die cast heavy duty stell on this sizzle baby. A patented grill-lock mechanism lets you grill with this indoor grill as panini style or open style at the flick of a switch. With non-stick quantanium scratch resistant cooking surface with variable temp control. Huba huba! US$179.95 web only for now. Buy me one please...

[Breville Indoor Grill - Sur La Table]

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Let the mug do all the stirring

Let you mug do all the stirring. Yes this mug for the lazy ones, will stir your drink for you. Mix the milk and sugar for your coffee or cool your drink down by simply pressing a button on the handle. Pour in detergent to clean. For US$22.00. Come get your drink love...

[Whirl Wind Cup]

Monday, March 20, 2006

Tickle my geek fancy with floating time

My dearest readers, I confess, I'm a geek, especially when it comes to gadgets. This clock tickles my geek fancy why? well because it floats. After you are done eye-rolling at me, enjoy a smirk on my expense too. It even features an auto-rotate mechanism to rotate the clock. The clock even shows temperature on top of its typical fixings. US$89.99.

[Levitating LCD Clock]

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

32-ounce Tote from Built NY

Move over bottle carriers, the mother of you all is in. Built NY, whose lunch bag I own, has a new product line of 32 ounce Tote. Insulated, capable of keeping your bottle chilled upto 3 hours, and made from Neoprene wetsuit material this Tote is a killer of a product. Comes in 4 colors. US$14.99

[Built NY 32 Ounce Tote]

Friday, March 10, 2006

Drown your keyboard

Check out the picture, would you ever do this to your keyboard or even mouse? Shocking isn't it? Well if you owned a keyboard or mouse from Unotron you will have no reason not to drown your input devices in water. These devices from Unotron come NEMA4X and IP66 certified. They carry a wide range of washable keyboards (wired & wireless), mouse (optical) and Smartcard Readers. I'm going shopping.

[Washable Keyboard]

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Skyn makes your laptop irresistable with EVA

These novelty laptop covers SKYN, are reusable adhesive applicable and cleanly removable covers for your 15", 14", 15.4" screens. Priced at US$40 they are a great way to spruce up and personalize those laptops. Especially carried by a model pictured, who can resist. Comes in 9 different patters and colors and some with your monogram. For a more rugged look you can check out the Laptop Skins from PolyGFX.

[EVA - laptop covers by skyn]

Storynory - your fairytale audio casted

StoryNory is an awesome site providing an invaluable service - completely FREE audio cast of classical children's stroies. This site lets you stream, download, burn CD's and even transfer the stories to your iPod with no restrictions. The classics include stories from Andrew Lang, Dickens, Kipling, and other classic authors whose works are now public domain. They publish a new story at least once a week. Find your favorite fairytale and while you enjoy the service FREE, feel free to donate some $ their way. My favorite is "The Frog".


Faucet Light, Blue at

Faucet Light colors your tap water, no with dye or some harmful chemicals, but simply using LED. This light can be retofitted to the typical faucet and activated by flowing water, illuminates the water and the sink in a brilliant blue glow. US$13.99

[Faucet Light, Blue]

Your web your way with Ning

With Ning you can create your own social app - your own restaurant review site, photo journalistic maps, review site of just about anything, your own marketplace to swap, share photos, share videos, share book lists, share your bookmarks, your own rating site, your personal lists, ebay items you liked transposed on maps, amazon items you like, your own social network, etc. etc. All this without any programing knowledge. Use their pre-built templates, customize it and you are off. Or clone one of the hundreds of apps there already and make your own. Social App can be public or private based on invite only. Let the Social Networks begin.... FREE

[Ning - Social App]

Friday, March 03, 2006

Hot diggidy iPod iBoxers

Yet another wearable accessory to make your iPod even more intimate. These hot diggidy boxer's for women are dubbed iBoxer knit two button mock fly boxer contains a discrete front pocket which is perfect for holding your iPod. Mady by French Pair. I say, if you got it flaunt it, erhm, your iPod that is. Why would you want to wear this under wraps of garments. Comes in 5 yummy colors. US$19. There is also a male version of the same, here for US$22.

[iBoxer Solid Boxer - FrenchPair]

naviPlay gives you music and phone calls free of wires

Forget the wires, and enjoy your iPod music and take your phone calls all through these stylistic naviPlay headphones. So if you are the audiophile and still want to maintain a clean look around your face and neck (no wires that is), then check these bluetooth headphones from TEN Technologues. Plug in the adapter to your iPod (any version) and 'pair it' with your bluetooth capable phone and you are all set. You will however be light of US$200 in your wallet. Remember bluetooth is meant for personal networking, aka, short range wireless.

[naviPlay bluetooth headphones]

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Letterfu - forget the envelopes

letterfu is making envelopes extinct. Printout one of their design templates, write your letter on one side, address on the other side, fold using the instructions, stamp it and off it goes in the mail. All-in-one. Once folded the letter holds itself closed, secured by the stamp. No cutting needed either. Thus far only 3 designs to choose from.