Tuesday, February 28, 2006

qliner hotkeys - your own virtual 'shortcut' world

Forget shortcut menus or even your application toolbar, enter the scene, qliner hotkeys. With a slogan "Caps Lock is dead, long live Caps Lock!", this software allows you to assign shortcuts to each of the keys on your keboard. Hold down the window key and press the assigned key for your favorite program. What sets this program apart from the dozen others, is its intuitive way to create these shortcuts. Hold down the window or Caps Lock key for 5 seconds and a virtual keyboard pops-up, drag and drop an application the key and you are all set. You can even assign folder shortcuts, URL shortcuts, and even some system utilities to the keys. US$0.00 FREE.


Your own Jaws shark

I love toys. With that confession out of the way, today I want to point you to the Remote Controlled Robotic Shart has a full-range motion to replicate the smooth, sleek swimming of a real counterpart. Watch out Stephen Speilberg, a plethora of Jaws like home made movies are now in production. This toy remotely controlled maneuvers up, down, left, right, and even backwards in up to 9' deep water, with a range of 40'. US$99.00

[Radio Controlled Robotic Shark]

Friday, February 24, 2006

Caldrea - organic cleaning

Caldrea wants to transform your house cleaning to an art form. They create organic cleaning products with an array of fragrances and essential oils to achieve a sense of natural freshness. They feel that " believe that caring for the home should be as luxurious as caring for the body"... Prices vary.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Speed-Clean Your Kitchen, Speedy

This guide breaks down kitchen cleanup to non brainer. Sections like 'daily cleanups' for 5 minutes, 'weekly cleanups', and 'seasonal cleanups', necessary cleaning supplies, and quite a few tips and tricks. Check it out. The cleaner in me had to just read this thoroghly.

[How to Speed-Clean Your Kitchen]

Magic Wooden Clock

This super cool block of wood is a glowing digital clock that is actually made of wood. There are no indentations, the numbers appear as if by magic. US$173.90

[Wooden Clock]

Eco indestructable flip-flop doormat

Made from remnents of flip-flops, these doormats are not only indestructable but also very colorful. Starting at US$29 for a small (25" x 15" x 1") size.

VivaTerra - Eco Living With Style

Message in a plant

Forget message in a bottle, these innovative plants are embedded with a "I love you" message (quite a few different message are coming soon). As the bud grows the message is revealed. The plant can continue to grow and bloom upto 6 months. Just make sure you are still loving that person by the time the message is revealed. US$9.95.

[Amazing Message Plant]

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

C6 MFG Nano space age protection

Wrap your Nano with space age protection. This case is made from real aerospace carbon fiber, aluminum, and stainless steel screws. Included is a stainless steel belt clip, a protective clear cling-on screen protector, and assembly tool. US$39.99. They also have an iPod Video case.

[C6 MFG]

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

HOW-TO: Your own ringtone for FREE

Wired news has this excellent article by Elio Van Buskirk on how to easily make and get your own ringtone. Designed for a novice in mind, the hardware you need, you already have - your cell phone, use the inidicated free software and you have your own version of crazy frog or 6275309. US$FREE.

[Stop Paying for Ring Tones]

Pet Cactus

Encapsuled in a thumb size capsule, this cactus is your pet. Carry it around, or hang on your car mirror. Water it once a month by dipping the bottom of the capsule in water, give it some TLC and hope it will bring you prosperity and joy. US$10.00

[PetTree - Cactus]

Extreme portable all purpose towel from a pill

With a few drops of water this pill becomes a 11" x 9" multipupose towel. Its supposedly is an extremely compressed paper-towel folded and rolled into a pill form. Buy them, keep them moist in a dry container. You don't want a sudden blow-up of your purse / bag with overflowing towels. US$6 for 8 Pill Towels

[Pill Towels]

smartCharge your shuffle

Too bad apple has stopped producing iPod shuffle (might be good time to pick one up cheap from a reseller). This charge has a USB female port, click on your shuffle to charge. It rotates upto 72 degrees and even has a 3.5mm external stereo audio jack. Talk about versatality. You could use this with any other USB portable audio player. US$29.95


a buddy for your iPod earbuds

earBuddy is a storage for your iPod earbuds or iPod like earbuds. Its coated with ballistic nylon, with a size of a small ring box, with even an ABS wire management reel inside, and even a detachable keyring. Comes in two colors. US$14.95


Monday, February 06, 2006

Copy the modern illuminating masters

These 'Designer Emulation Kits' are LED lit 9V battery powered, you-put-it-together fabrications of some modern-day design master creations. Don't expect a whole lot of light, these are just mini-fabrications of the originals. US$26 for a kit.

[Emulation Kits]

Get juiced up quick - iPod

PocketPower is what its name suggests a rechargable external power source for giving your iPod that extra playing time. It even can charge rechargable AAA batteries (4x included) from its power reservoir. Upto 8hrs can be squeezed out under 'ideal' conditions. US$35.00

[Gear4 PocketPower]

Friday, February 03, 2006

Save on electricity - Solar-Powered Address Lights

If you want your address seen from the street at night and don't want to hook up extra wiring and running lights onto your house number, then this is for you. Charged by the glowing warm star that is sometimes the culprit for sun-burns, these 4 inch tall numbers or letters will glow up at night. Visible from upto 500 unobstructed feet away, 4 hours of charge will get your 3 full nights of illumination. US$49.99

[Solar Powered Address Lights]

iCandy for your iPod video

Protect your investment (iPod video) with these silicone made full covers. The cases fully wrap your iPod video even the clickwheel. There is even a special anti-dust coating on the material. Film protection for the screen. Lanyard included. Oh if you have a tendency to lose it in the dark, they even have a glow in the dark colors to keep your cool. US$24.99.

[iCandy Video]

Modern Art - Tea Light Holders

I don't know if I would give these as wedding gifts like how the seller is categorizing them, however they do look darn cool. A touch of modern design of sharp lines, softened with the touch of votive romantic candles. Made from bicycle cogs and freewheels. US$24.95 for a set of two.

[Tea Light Holders]

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rechargeable Flickering Votive Candles

If you don't want to mess about with wax or lighting candles or some of the not so pleasant smelly candles, yet you want to create a romantic or soothing atmosphere, for whatever your motivations are, then these are for you. Flameless, rechargable, flickering votive candles with flickering LED technology. For a 10 hour juice-up you can get 12 hours of romance lighting. Set of 6 for US$69.95

[Rechargable Flickering Votives]