Thursday, July 27, 2006

I spy a beautiful mermaid - Digital Hero brings her home

I cannot be anymore excited after seeing this Digital Hero from GoPro. This waterproof (down to 30 feet) digital camera straps onto your wrist (flat or standing up) and is capable of taking still shots and movie clips. The product site has sample digital snaps and action videos above and under water (hello pretty mermaid). The camera is encased in a shockproof polycarbonate casing, operates on a single AAA battery and weighs under 3oz. It has only 32mb on-board memory allowing 260 to 360 photos or 32 10 second movie clips. The max resolution seems to be 640x480 for stills and 320x240 for video clips. You wouldn't want to shoot professional photos with this little gizmo under-water but for the casual user its perfect for those coral reef shots. Content is transfered over USB and is PC & Mac compatible. Only US$79.95. Now if this cam could accept external memory cards. Aswesome none-the-less.

[Digital Hero Camera]