Friday, August 26, 2005

rAndom Instant Labeling Tape

Customisable, do-it-yourself signage system created by "blacking out" elements of a 14-segment display font on the tape, all you need is a black permanent pen to create your own temporary signs, labels and installations. Can be your's.

[ rAndom Instant Labeling Tape ]

Loop your food with 'thefoodloop'

Forget the strings and toothpicks to hold your food together, jump onto the thefoodloop bandwagon. Heat resistant to 675F, FDA compliant, can be used in any pan on stovetop, in the oven, or mircowave, is non-stick and won't scratch pans, flexible siliconelike material, in pink (couldn't they over some more varieties in color?). I'll buy some of course, then again that will mean cooking a lot of roll-up, stuffed food. The site also hints at world domination with fusionbrands products in our lives.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Stencherminator - Oreck's craze

So if you can't stand a box of Arm and Hammer in your cold storage, then spring for battery driven gizmo (who knows if it works) that's supposed to remove smell, keep food fresh, sterilizes, and breaks down pesticides. Hey, why do we need the fridge for then? Anyways, any brave soul wanting to spend $50.00 try this out. Oh by the way, leave me a comment on how it does for you, would ya?

[Oreck Refrigerator Air Purifier]

Friday, August 05, 2005

Hotty T3 Magazine

Call it Friday funk or something. Ran into the UK magazine T3 site. Other than the eye-candy (see for yourself) the magazine does actually have some great reviews and tech news. Don't blame me if you have to resort to saying "Hey I read it for the articles". I on the other hand read it for the plethora of gorgeous models touting some delisch.


'' your ears

Ultimate Ears produces a line of 'super-fi' in-ear headphones to really boom your mind with rocking music. May it be rock or jazz or the new age stuff, their acclaim is to make you (at least your sound processing centers) soar with how sound was supposed to be heard. They have wallet friendly models too. Randing in MSRP $249.00, $199.99 and now a $99.99 version.

[Ultimate Ears -]

Monday, August 01, 2005

Yamaha takes on Paper-Craft-ing

Not for the faint of hearts and certainly not for the addicts of instant gratification (like your's truly), Yamaha give you free color & b&w pdf downloads of model vehicles, rare animals, and even seasonal eye-candy all assembled from paper. Yep, you heard me right, paper! Neat idea if you love origamy and are ready for the next level. Good luck and happy cutting, glueing and folding.

[Yamaha Papercraft]

Chmuba Wamba Furgles

Holly chumba wamba! These Furgles remind me of a character from that hit animation Monsters Inc. My my, cute furry stuff holding all 24 cd/dvds in its belly. And far more weird, Home Depot is selling them. I kid you not. Click the link below.

[Furgles invade Home Depot]