Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Self Charging Smoke Alarm

The clever fellows at DuPont have created this self charging Smoke Alarm that fits into ceiling mounted light sockets. It charges when the light is on. To test is flip the light switch twice. Also backed with 10 year warranty. Now I have nothing to look forward on days we fall back / fall forward an hour. US$39.95

[No hassle self charging Smoke Alarm]

Spice it up with Lovers' Cushion

This cushion ergonomically constructed to increase muscle comfort during intimate moments to allow for protection of tailbone and hip. Easy to maintain and store. That was the PG13 version. For more spicy & fun description (R) check out the product page. US$39.95

[Lover's Cushion]

Electrify away those Stains

With a picture like that who can ignore this product. This supposed 'revolutionary' Electric Clothing Stain Remove removes stains from your clothing using ultrasonic (120 vibrations per second) and detergent mixed with water. 30 days full money back guarantee. US$29.95.

[Electric Stain Remover]

Monday, November 28, 2005

Press your java in a water bottle.

Press-Bot is a coffee junkies answer to fresh pressed coffee in the woods or anywhere. This tool fits into a Nalgene water bottle, to make a quality cup of joe no matter where you are. Check out the video and instructions on the site. US$19.95


Generate your own WARNINGS !

Warning Label Generator lets you generate your own warning labels. Choose a design, choose an icon, and enter upto 6 lines of text and symbols. Out comes a GIF image. Free fun tool. US$0.00

[Warning Label Generator]

Walk on water with Nuclear Globe

Nuclear Globe lets your spin on water. This giant 6-foot sphere has an inset that cups on the outer surface and lets you grip and paddle your way through the water as you spin the globe. US$274.95 a bit steep.

[Nuclear Globe]

WhatTheFont : Give face to that unknown font

WhatTheFont is an online service that identifies the font face of letters in any GIF, JPEG, TIFF, or BMP. Simply upload a picture with letters and the service tells you the face. Max image size needs to be 360 x 275 and ideal letter height for the best match is about 100 pixels.


Dream Arcades Tables - Give life to your retro gaming dream

Dream Arcades, LLC produced retro arcade gaming systems. Complete arcade systems with new or refurbished or sans computer systems. The systems can be side-by-side, head-to-head, three-sided tables or the more famous upright system. A far better and more stable alternate than the systems being sold at BJ's and Target these days. US$659 and above.

[Dream Arcades]

Live Simple: Ultimate radical tactics to simplicity

This may not apply to everyone, some of us are too far from having a simple life, but for those of us, for whom there is still some hope, check out this FREE online edition of Live Simple: Radical Tactics to Reduce the Complexity, Costs, and Clutter of your life guide. US$0.00.

[Live Simple]

Monday, November 21, 2005

Raise funds, Get your message on EZBands

EZBands offer 100% silicone customizable wristbands that are like the popular LiveStrong wristbands. Your own message or logo can embossed or debossed in any font free of charge. You get to choose Single colored, Multi colored, Pearl Flash, or Intertwined wristbands. They also have anklets. Pricing varies depeneded upon quantity ordered.


Friday, November 18, 2005

Key Caps - brings color to your key ring

If you are into organizing those keys on your keyring, then these key caps in assorted colors and patterns can help you get your groove on. The vendor is offering a holiday Gift Set containing one package of four key caps and one eyeglass cloth with case in your choice of color. US$2.99 for pckg of 4 or US$6.98 for the gift set.

[Key Caps]

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Baller Pen - who needs a PDA

These pens contain a 6.5 inch retractable erasable sheet which can be marked with pencils or washable felt tips. Uses include (according to manufacturer) secretly passing messages in class, quick notes, flash cards, study on the go, mini sticker picture album. I will not pass my personal judgement on these tools of the trade, if you catch my drift. US$7.50 for one, US$19.95 for 5, US$74.95 for 50.

[Baller Pen]

iCel - extend your iPod addiction

For the iPod junkies, this external portable power supply can juice up your favorite music addiction by an extra 50 to 200 hours. iCel is available in three models, 201 for US$99, 202 for US$149 and 205 for US$199.

[iCel your iPod]

One-Pot Cooking - Revived

This article gives new light to One-Pot Cooking. Explaining three different methods depending on Rice, Potato, or Pasta based meals, it desrcibes how to get the best darn One-Pot meal you've tasted. Check out the recipes too.

[One-Pot Cooking]

Maywa Denki swirls dings bops and rocks

Maywa Denki "Nonsense Machines" are small and nifty nonsense machines produced by Nobumichi Tosa. Its difficult to describe their "nonsensical" functionality. Take a look for yourself at the collection. US$25.00 each. Someone buy me a set of these, hurry.

[Maywa Denki - machines]

Hornets, Wasps be afraid, very afraid

Gotcha Sprayer is nothing magical but a very useful exterminator of pests / bugs you don't want to get near. It is an adaptor that attaches to any commercially available can of wasp and hornet spray on one end, and to an extension pole on the other, to safely spray at the bugs or their nests. US$16.99 + S/H.

[Gotcha Sprayer]

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Caddie your 70 lbs shopping bags

Never mind the looks of an elderly oxygen tank carrier, this caddie transports upto 8 shopping bags weighin a total of 70 lbs. Rolls smoothly made of sturdy tubular steel frame and a foam padded handlebar. Folds o compact unit to fit into car trunk. US$39.95 for this Buick for your grocerry bags.

[Hammacher Shopping-Bag Caddie]

Wrap your muffins in these silicone cups

A far better and more useful usage of silicone. These muffin cups are made of silicone. No greasing or flouring required. Pour in your batter and bake on a cookie sheet. Peel off the baked product. Wash and re-use. Comes in standard and mini sizes. Heat safe to 500 F. US$14.50 set of 6 standard size. US$12.50 set of 6 mini size.

[Silicone cups]

Monday, November 14, 2005

Scroll your message across this buckle

Despite what the picture shows, you get a new freedom of expression through this buckle equipped with 147 colored LEDs surrounded by a chromse frame with 6 different messages, with 256 characters each. Lets hope your waist is worth grabbing the attention with this buckle. US$24.99 to US$29.99. Check out the Scrolling LED Badge for a different flavor of expression.

[Scrolling LED Belt Buckle]

mysoldius brings on the sloar beams

mysoldius Universal Solar charger harnesses the power of our sun to juice up your electronic devices. Compatible with a huge array of cellphones, iPods and BlackBerry (provided you have the right adapter), costing you US$89.99 to US$109.99 depending on kit you buy.


Friday, November 11, 2005

Women - now you can go commando

To be fair with my women readers, this Anti Panti is answer to those women wanting to go commando, of course not "during that special time of the month". According to the maker, "wearing an anti-panti when you do not want to wear underwear eliminates the need to wash your pants after each wearing - it also provides a sense of comfort that going au natural does not". These 'devices' (for lack of better description in my male brain) are nothing like maxi pad, in fact its not padded at all. It has an adhesive side that sticks to the pants to avoid budging. They even come in various patterns that change constantly. US$10 + S/H for pack of 5.

[Anti Panti]

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Updgrade your Flashlight to SMART Indium

Indium SMART Flashlight is user-configurable. Yup you read that right. Another simple and useful tool has been upgraded to the 21st century, now you can hack into your flashlight. Connect it using USB to your PC and program new settings. Adjust settings such as variable gamma correction (for those super hero escapades) or program in sequence of strobes and fades, dot-dot-dot-dash-dash-dash, set the maximum LED drive current (for the geek in you). US$ TBA

[Angus Noble Indium SMART flashlight]

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

FlightAware - Get your Live Flight Tracking

FlightAware give new definition, set the bar for free online US nationwide flight tracking. With arrival, departure information by airpor, or by flight, or even by aircraft type, this site will feed all your online flight tracking needs.


Show your pride with RAZR vaja

These I-Volution cases from 'vaja' are latest wraps for your sexy thin RAZR V3. You get to choose their stock colors or even customize your own with a color stripe. US$55 per wrap.

[I-Volution from vaja]

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

SideStep - get your deals on!

SideStep searches multiple travel search sites to bring you the best deal. It even has a downloadable toolbar to get your deal daily. Take if for a spin on your next travel planning.


Permanently delete data from your hard drive

NY Times has an article on (many times unknown fact) how simply deleting data from your hard drive dosen't really delete it. This can be a problem, when you are getting rid of your old computer or are trying to erase any evidence :-) The article provides some good tips and free program links. Most notable is the FREE windows program Dariks Boot and Nuke.

[Deleted but Not Gone NYT]
[Darik's Boot and Nuke]

Keep your toes toasty (& fresh)

These molded electric shoe dryers provide steady strem of warm air to sterilize the smell and dry the inside of your shoes. So men / women literally won't have cold feet on their wedding day. Great gadget for foot lovers and most of all those who suffer from smelly feat can now breathe a sigh of relief. US$39.50.

[Electric Footwear Dryers]

Friday, November 04, 2005

LightCap - illuminates your outdoor fancies

LightCap a sloar powered water bottle with a white & red LED light in the lid. The lid has built-in waterproof solar panel, battery pack, and powerful long-lasting LED light. It weighs only 11 oz. with a 32 oz. capacity. With 4 hours of charge, the maker claims, it will stay bright for hours with at least 300 cycles of charge. This lid is totally sealed and is molded in from the top (outside) of the cap. US$24.95.


SimplytheBest Fonts archive

SimplytheBest Fonts archive is truly the best archive I have seen in a long time that nicely categorizes FREE fonts. You can browse by category, by alphabet, or search. Awesome! US$0.00

[Best Fonts Archive]

iLounge Holiday Buyers' Guide 2005-2006

iLounge Holiday Buyer's Guide is out to rescue those who want to buy iPod gadgets for others or yourself this year, and have no clue where to start. Remember, these gadgets are not that cheap. Only once in a while you will come across something that's functional yet reasonably priced. Good hunting.

[iLouge Holiday Buyer's Guide]

Whovel your snow instead.

I hate shoveling snow and can't afford to buy a snow blower. This contraption looks promising but I'll leave it upto my readers to decide. Should I try it or not? The Whovel is a shovel on a wheel. It uses your body weight to lift and throw snow and slush. Three times faster than shoveling and half the work. US$119.95 + $19.95(S/H) from Wovel.


'iPod nano' wrapped in leather

Pixelgirlshop got your iPod nano encased in this 'hand-oiled 100% leather stitched case' designed by Marty Flint. US$45.00. Also check out their iPod stuff.

[Sculpted Leather Nano case]
[Unique Handmade iPod Accessories]

SANYO ‘eneloop’ : 'Think GAIA'

SANYO has you thinking & loving mother earth. With its new vision of 'Think GAIA', it will start selling these new eneloop rechargable bateries in AA and AAA Nickel Metal Hydrides. They claim to be immediately usable, environment friendly, more powerful, longer lasting, and economically more efficient. No pricing info. Decide for yourself.

[SANYO eneloop]

Impress with custom boxes

Just in time for the gift-giving-going-broke season, these templates allow you to print out on card stock, cut out, and fold your own cutesie boxes. US$0.00.

[Boxes for Any Occasion]

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Romance with Flameless Wax Sensor Candles

The ambience - sight, smell, and feel of romantic candles enveloping your senses with romance and desire. Leave them on into the late hours of the morning and don't worry about the fire alarm abruptly putting a crimp in your loving time. These 6" pillar Flameless Wax Sensor Candles are made of real wax, real scent, and incoporate two LED lights. Slowly wave your hand over the hidden sensor to turn them on/off, LED lights flicker back and forth to reproduce the flicker of a real candlelight. Uses four AA batteries for 100 hours of battery life. US$20.00 per pillar.

[Flameless Wax Sensor Candles]