Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cell Citation - citizen's citation

For moments when that rude cell talker in the elevator is going off, or that jack-a** on the treadmill next to you blabbering away on his cell, this handy little note is perfect gift for them. Tell them to take it somewhere else. 60 sheets for US$4.50

[Citizens' Cell Citation]

Hot Off the press - Your dream keys

Optimus mini is a 3 button auxuliary keyboard with 3 OLED keys. These 3 OLED keys can be configures with any color static or animated image. It can even be configured for horizontal or vertical display. Will be available for pre-order this week for US$100 a pop. I'm getting me one.

[Optimus mini three OLED keys]

Monday, January 30, 2006

Get going with 12 sided calendar

If you have a little time on your hand and have very few cube goodies on your desk, check this out. Download this template for free snip snip, glue and voila. The site allows you pick which day is the beginning of the week and even different languages. There is even a rhombic 12 sided calendar. Are you seeing your months in 3D now? US$0.00

[12 Sided Calendar]

Tell me about it - magical phone girl

(800) 555-TELL is a free and minimaly ad driven, voice recognition phone information service that delivers news, stock quotes, movie times, weather, soap opera updates, horoscopes and even a blackjack game. Great if you are in a foreign city.

[(800) 555-TELL]

Calculator with a secret identity

This keypad/calculator designed for your road warriors toting around your savvy laptops but are frustrated with in-line number keys. This keypad acts as a battery powered calculator or USB tethered keypad. Comes with fully-functional 19-key layout and ultra-slim design. US$31.99 at Buy.com

[Pocket KeyPad Calculator]

Shipping Case from Copy Paper Box

Here is a neat reuse for those empty copy paper boxes you have laying around. Use them to ship things. You could always ship gadgets my way. Easy to do, measure, snip-snip, fold, fill with stuff and mail.

[Shipping Case from copy paper box]

Build your own wooden gear time-piece

For those of my readers who are patient, have few weeks of tinker time at hand, are good with thier hands, and are ready for a challenge, try these ready-to-assemble kits for building your own wooden clocks. The clocks wind 19 hours of operation and even include second hands. US$150

[Build your own Wooden Gear clock]

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Trek-Tech: Hike or photograph with this staff

This TrekPod is a lightweight, height-adjustable walking staff that has an integrated tripod with an innovative quick mount called MagMount. Claimed to be compatible with a variety of optical devices. US$


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

BillMonk - peace to your money debts

BillMonk will not eradicate your debt, it will not give you free money to pay off your debt either. It will however help you keep track of what you owe to friends, family, or anyone who won't force you file bankruptcy. This FREE service even allows you to SMS in your debt instantly. Maybe this will help you pay back your sibling that 15 year old debt.


AquaVista - display your aquarium next to that Mona Lisa

With proprietery computer controls, lcd monitoring system, user-friendly electronic control interface, and innovative strong design features, AquaVista 500 is an aquarium worthy of display like an expensive art. With 4.5inch thickness with customisable background, frame (wood or plastic), and accessories, one can truly set it and forget it (other than feeding the fish). US$300.00. Oh lord won't you buy me one of these. I need some tranquility in my life.

[AquaVista 500]

Monday, January 23, 2006

iSee - clear protection for your iPod

Yet another highly polished polycarbonate case for your iPod. However, iSee cases stand out for their EZCord management. A system that lets you shorten, store, and even make a lanyard out of your headphones. A removable clip lets you attach it to your hips, belt, or shirt. Available for iPod video, nano, mini, 20GB, and 40GB models. US$21.95


Bu Buy to mosters under your bed

A soft blue light that spreads across the floor, is sufficient to scare away those mosters under your bed / dresser, and also light your path to that midnight snack or late night potty trip. 360 degree floor illumniation nightlight with 14 super bright (but not too bright to wake you up) LEDs supposed to last for 10 years. Comes included with a 6' cord. US$29.95

[No-glare under bed nightlight]

Friday, January 20, 2006

Gina does it again

Gina has done it again. Another master article on free software pack for productivity, communication, spyware protection, media, utilities, and web. Now if you are a bit net savvy, you can load up a liveCD of free windows or linux and have a fully royalty free, subscription free computer. US$0.00 the best price around.

[Lifehacker FREE software suite]

Launch a treat to your dog

Launch a treat to Sparky with this SnackShotz. Load it up with Discos Flying Dog Treats pull the lever and let endless catch and reward fun begin. The treats are available in three flavors: Beef, Chicken, and MightyMint. I wonter what else can be loaded into this gizmo. No pricing, you got to write / call to get more info. If you are crazy about it, check it out. I don't have a dog.

[SnackShotz for sparky]

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Need an inch of breathing room?

Slip this nifty inch-given on your pant / skirt waistband and breathe easy. Not rocket science, but sure allows breathing better. US$7.90 for a set of 4. There is also a shirt collar very.

[Waistband button]

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

iClear - 'Invisible bling' for your iPod nano

Made from polycarbonate, this clear 'iClear' case for your iPod nano encapsulates your nano within two clear pieces. Built in with screen protection and only opening for the scroll wheel, this case protects your prescious iPod jewel. US$19.99


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Harry keeps your stuff snug

The name 'Harry', truly does not do justice for this product. With flexible and sturdy wires, this device can grasp onto any object, you can hang on your walls, doors, tiles, mirrors, and windows. Comes in three different colors. It even has a junior version. US$20.00


Marry any phone with Skype

VoSKY's 'Call Center' is a small box that connects to your internet connected PC and a phone line. You then call that phone line then dial your Skype contact number and voila you are now connected. Cheap solution for calling overseas from anywhere. US$69.95

VoSKY Call Center

Friday, January 13, 2006

Give wings to your digi-pics

eStarling Wi-Fi digital picture frame gives virtual wings to your digital pictures. Connect this frame to a wireless network and display a slideshow emailed to it. You can even specify RSS photo feed from Flick based on your own tags. One-time setup, 5.6" color TFT LCD, MMC/SD card slot for on-board display, displays JPEG & BMP files. Your's for US$250.00

[eStarling Wi-Fi digital frame]

Show your Nano where its meant to be - TuneBuckle™

TuneBuckle is touted as the 'waist-management' for your iPod nano. Ok so if you have the waist and have the courage to show it off like the model on the picture, go ahead and pre-order it for US$50. Cetainly an interesting twist of sex-appeal and geek factor.

[iPod Nano - TuneBuckle]

Forget singing telegrams ODEO is here

Maybe not quite a singing telegram but close. Odeo is a FREE service where you can record audio (say your voice) via computer microphone or calling in over phone, the service then lets you share the audio file with other ODEO contacts, or others via email link, or by making your own personal ODEO channel open to the world. Cheap solution to audio podcasting. The sound files can be downloaded onto iPods, or other mp3 players.


Monday, January 09, 2006

ThumbThing - finally release from reader's thumb

This simple yet functional reading aid slides onto your thumb to be placed into the spine of a book you are reading. Its 'wings' hold the pages open with very little effort from your thumb pressure. Use it while reading a book one handed ( I wonder if there is a maximum weight for a book to be supported by one wrist ) or use it as a bookmark when not in use. US$4.00


Automoblox - upgrade that block toy car

Automoblox has brought one of a child's earliest toys to 20th century. Nearly indestructable (by a child at least) these wood and polycarbonate constructed model block cars allows your child to mix and match parts to build some super cool looking toy vehicles. They actually look good. US$32.00 for each set.


Update: we are now in the 21st century. My bad.

Take your digi-pic on the bouce

satuGO camera is simply a bouncy ball with a 1600 x 1200 72dpi camera embedded inside. Simple idea but can be source of some very creative picture material. Pictures are automatically snapped when the ball hits hard surface or timed activated. I can think of some creative places to send this rolly polly already. US$69 will get you one of your own.

[satuGo Camera]

Friday, January 06, 2006

Give your PC some wheels with Compucar

Compucar caters to the computer case mod enthusiasts. For a hefty price you have a custom build pc that looks like sporty coup or Hummer. This is a neat idea and has geek factor. For US$1749.99 you can have this wow edge.


Hubbell Automation: Mini mount

If you are a Mac Mini owner and would like to mount it on the wall, then Hubbell Automation got your square mini squared away. Providing sturdy base with CD bay access, this mount is made from durable material. Even comes with cool LED kit to light it up. Comes in flavor of a shelf too. Starting at US$49.99

[Hubbell Automation Mini Mount]

Keep the dirt out with Cinch Sac

Keep the sand out of your clothes as you change on the beech, with this Cinch Sac/Changing Mat. Now hope you realize if you go bare you will show your assets to other beech goers. Made of 100% waterproof durable nylon, you throw it open on the sand, step into it, change and step out, keeps most of the sand from the clothes you take off. I don't see the point of not wanting to be sandy if you go to a sandy beech. You can have it for US$24.95.

[Cinch Sac Wetsuit Bag/Changing Mat]

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ban wasteful browsing - Lifehacker way

Gina Trapani of Lifehacker shows us how to time-lock particular web sites that can be time-wasting for an individual. She shows us a nifty greasemonkey script (compatible only with Firefox+Greasemonkey combo) and a host file edit to permanently block sites from being browsed. Simple yet extremely effective. Gina I bow to you. Y'all do the same.

[Geek to Live: Ban time-wasting web sites]

Give them something to stare at - Liparazzi

Imagine a lip-gloss fitted with a handy mirror in its barrel and dual lights hidden in its cap - you switch it on to illuminate your luscious lips for that last minute 'luxe-looking gloss for a flattering sheen', you kill with your looks. Nina Leykind (of Eyeko) brings you LIPARAZZI The included lip-gloss is made of a formulat with jojoba oil & vitamin E. Get this beauty for GBP15.00. Comes in 5 different colors.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

LEDfy your "AA" Mag-Lite

"AA" Mag-Lite owners rejoice, for LED conversion kit, riquiring nothing but switching out your old bulb. You get 20 hours of battery life, 10 years of lamp life with these 3 LED adapter. US$8.49

[LED kit for AA Mag-Lites ]

Fashion - Lipstick Stainless Steel Flask

Marketed primarily to women with that name, this 34oz flask has the shape of a giant lipstick even with a bright red lipstick tip shaped top. Those of you fashion conscious, take a swig out of this. Your's for US$29.95.

[Lipstick Travel Flask]

Kill Million Germs on your Toothbrush

If you are germ conscious, especially the little buggers growing around your toothbrush, then this is for you. Million-Germ-Eliminating Toothbrush Sanitizer does exactly what the name says. With separate slots to prevent cross contamination and removable drip cup for easy cleaning, it uses UV to kill growing bacteria from that stick you put in your mouth twice a day. Measures only 3 1/2 inches in diameter. Sells for US$49.95. There is even a travel size from VIOlight for US$30.

[Million-Germ-Eliminating Toothbrush Sanitizer]

Lock your Micro Hard Drive with Imation brand

Imation has released it locking Micro Hard Drives that locks itself around things. Availale in 2 and 4 GB capacities with its unique design. It has the standard features like 128 bit-encryption, File Synchronization and shock resistance. It even boasts a 2006 Innovations Design & Engineering award from CEA. It can be your's for US$190.

[Imation - Micro Hard Drive]