Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kill noise with Jawbone

Although not meant to be a discreet bluetooth headset, this Jawbone is one sexy and sophisticated piece of technology for your ear that kills noise. Check out the noise samples and video on their web-site. The strength of this headset is its ability to compensate for ambient noise and perform incoming audio enhancing while doing noise canceling on outgoing sound. The manufacturer claims this is the same technology used by military operators and forces. The US$119 is a bit hefty but if it does what is claimed I would happily shell out the bucks. Comes in Silver, Black, or Red


Rakku - Revolving shoe storage

Rejoice oh women & men of many shoes. No more are you in need of shelves and shelves of your many colored fancy shoes. Rakku is a revolutionary storage wheel made from tough polymer, for your shoes. This mobile shoe wheel has 20 expandable pockets that can accommodate 30 pairs of shoes depending on the type. The shoes are inserted into the pockets through elastic bands that secure them in place. The adjustable pockets can fit sneakers, high heels, and flats. The shoe wheel comes in Silver, White, or Black. US$65.00

[Shoe Wheel by Rakku]

Design your own business cards FREE with Businesscardland

Artists, Freelancers, Small-business owners, take note of this web2.0 web site, it allows you to design your own business card (from an ever increasing set of templates) customize it with your own information and generate a pdf. Print out the pdf on card stock and you are good to go. The numerous designs are categorized in Splashy, Ornate, Simple, and Geometric categories. US$FREE.

[Custom business cards at Businesscardland]