Thursday, November 20, 2008

A shelf that doubles as Speakers too

Those having extra change to spare this Christmas can bring about some discreet audio cheer from these Bedford Smart Wall-Mounted Speaker Shelf Unlike James Bond, this shelf reveals its dual character quite evidently. Along with being a wall shelf, it touts two stereo (1" Tweeter & 4" Woofer) quality speakers that connect to your mp3 / ipod / iphone headphone jack. There's plenty of speakers in my house, but if you want to puzzle your holiday guests for a bit, you could try to hang this on your wall. US$80 (sale price).

[Bedford Smart Wall-Mounted Speaker Shelf]

Stream Serenity in your daily work life

iSerenity lets you stream any one of 31 different ambient sound tracks in-stream from your browser. You can stream these in the background while you clank away at your work or home office. Just be careful not to be doing this in the library. Not bad set of offerings for the price of $FREE. Maybe I can drown out my annoying office mates, with this.