Thursday, September 08, 2005

THE pod, throws your tripod in trash

OK well maybe not throw your tripod in the trash ( if you are like me you've spent way too much $ on tripods and monopods and still not satisfied ), but you can indeed now leave home without your tripod. bogen introduces the revolutionary The pod. A palm sized camera platform with universal locking mechanism for your camera or camcorder, durable, portable, can be setup on "any surface". Shaped as a hockey puck, THE pod contains plastic beans and is Velcro-sealed. On the outside you will find water-resistant, industrial-grade nylon stitching and non-marking / non-slip base. The maker claims this base can withstand the weight of an average man ( or a woman ). In addition, THE pod comes in three flavors ( differentiated by color - red, blue, and yellow), each flavor customised for where your camera has its tripod mounts. Ok, so how much $ you ask? A mere US$ 21.00. Don't know about you, but I'm off to shopping.

[THE pod]