Thursday, September 22, 2005

Admire your own DNA

DNA11 takes a sample of your DNA ( vial of your saliva, open and say aaaa ), runs it through ther labs to create an electronic snapshot of your DNA, prints it on a canvas - an artwork of uniquely you, the very basic you. Yes an abstract portrait of geometric composition of what makes you, well you. You can even custom order your portrait from a choice of different sizes and color schemes. I wonder how can you truly know they didn't goof it all up? Hit up your next door genetic researcher to validate for you? Will set you back US$390 - $790.


Have phonecam, be useful

Our creative friends at 43 Folders have composed an excellent article on some productive usage (unlike Paris Hilton's sidekick, well she is a different story) of your mobile phone camera. Most all suggestions in the article are very practical. Now why didn't I think of this?

[How do you get creative with your phonecam?]

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

PIROLETTE your facial profile

Vis-age N. the face or appearance of a person. Turn Your Head will take a snapshot of your facial profile and fill the space between two opposing profiles by spinning that space into a three-d visage. What the heck is this? Basically a wooden sculputure who's curves & bends match the profile of your face. For $100 a pop, you could surround yourself with Piroletted faces of yourself.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Africa National Geographic style

Want to fly over Africa taking in the awesome scenes just like a National Geographic journalist, then you can get just that, with Google Earth's National Geographic layer. Get Google Earth, enable the National Geographic layer, and endulge your senses.

[Google Earth-The illuminated continent]

Friday, September 16, 2005

Speck got you nano-fied

iPod nano is definitely worth the bucks. If you can wait for the craze to settle and pick it up a few bucks cheaper do so, but pick one up for sure. I couldn't wait, I just couldn't. SpeckProducts already has 9 NEW case models for your iPod nano, SkinTight, TougSkin, iGuy, ArmBand, FunSkins, Connect & Protect, and See-Thru with price range $19.95 - $34.95. One more for my ever-growing collection of iPod accessories. Maybe a garage sale is in order.

[SpeckProducts iPod nano cases]

TV-fi your laptop or PC

Just if you weren't sick of the tube appearing everywhere, Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS ‘TV Stick’ is a USB 2.0 dongle that brings analogue and digital television to your laptop / pc. It can also be used as a digital video recorder with full MPEG2 support. Don't know how good the quality would be, but for quick tube fill, try it out. Comes complete with antenna and remote control. They even claim DVD authoring. Priced at
[Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS ‘TV Stick’]

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Google helps you blog

Google rocks! Google has googlified your favorite blog. Google has introduced its Google Blog Search that allows one to sarch any / all blogs for any phrase. To my loyal readers, note the Google search icon on this blog that lets you search my blog through Google. Better yet, just drag the Google Blog Search icon to your toolbar and you are all set permanently.

[Google Blog Search]

Take Notes Cornell style

Built upon the notetaking concept of 5R's ( Record, Reduce, Recite, Reflect, and Review ) accomplished by the use of a "cue column" and not to mention the "summaries" space. Putting aside the Cornell brainpower hoo-ha, the more interesting is Ryan Stewart's little application that generates personalized stationary based on this concept. Allows you to print your name, lines, hole punches, etc. Try it out you just might strike your next best hipster note-PDA.

[Ryan Stewart's Notetaking application]
[Cornell Notetaking Method]

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dig a hole where does it take you?

If you dug a hole in your yard, and kept digging, somehow survived going through the magma in the core of the earth, where would you end up? If you answer, Oz, you are out of this earth! In theory, since you can't escape reality, you'd end up on the exact opposite end of the planet, why? well, isn't this planet round like a ball? Luis Felipe of Brazil has a google map hack that will tell you where your hole ends. Check out his site, while I'm off to digging.

[Where does your hole end?]

Use what's in your fridge to make a meal

You have a fridge full of stuff, you open, you stare, and got nothing your brain, what to do with all that stuff. This is where FoodieView comes in the picture ( more like on your browser window ). Type in items you have in your fridge in the Search box and out comes recepies that use the stuff (i.e. chicken breasts potato cilantro frog-legs). What comes your way?


Shortcut to getting the live Operator

Intuit Quickbase has a database of shortcuts for calling the toll free number of many corporations and going staright to that mysterious and sometimes vague live operator. If you've been frustrated pressing '0's on the keypad, check this one out.


e-How shows to RIP your DVD

e-How has a an excellent article detailing tools and steps required to backup ( urhm rip ) your DVD's onto your PC and goes as far as detailing how to then burn that backup onto a regular DVD disk. You won't want to miss this one. Cost of software? FREE as far as I can tell. Note the legal warning for doing this for the wrong reasons.

[e-How: backup your DVDs]

Laugh along with Telecrapper 2000

I've never laughed at telemarketers ( no offense to my readers who earn a living in this industry ) as hard before I checked out this little flash animated recording of a real conversation between a telemarketing agent ( poor lady ) and the Telecrapper 2000 system, a system that is programmed to ensnare the caller in a software driven conversation and drive them nuts. :-)

[Telecrapper 2000 demo]

Eat out of Origami

Yes you read me right, these bowls, cups, plates and full picnic sets fold flat only to spring up ( through your unfolding skills of course ) when neede say at a picnic, or camping or backpacking trip. Brainchild of adventurer Jay Cousin, who boasts these can withstand the elements of Mount Everest and North and South poles. I ask can they withstand my skills or lack thereof, of folding and unfolding? If you're interested check em out. The picnic set sells for about US$23.95.


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Your own custom 'PocketMod'

The second installation of make your own paper based organizer ( only 8 pages mind you) comes PocketMod. Lets you create an 8 pages long pocket size disposable personalized organizer from just one printed sheet of paper. You read me right, magic you say? No quite, a bit of clever folding this way, that way, a tad snipping here and there and you got your own flavor. They have quite a few pre-built templates including daily, weekly, and monthly calendars, to-do and shopping lists, lined or grids. How much? $0.00. My wallet loves that number.


Your own custom Notebook paper

Harvard instructor Simson Garfinkel has a cgi script running on a web server which creates custom lined notepaper PDF documents for your downloading pleasure. I'm not much of a notebook keeper, but this surely makes me wish I was one. The PDF includes your name and an “if lost please return to” note, a place to record page number, a small monthly calendar, and an optional notes summary box. You get to pick the font, whether or not the paper should have punch holes. It doesn't let you pick a specific month ( it picks the current month by dafault ), however, you can get the source cgi code. I definitely see some much needed tweaks / mods.

[Notepaper Generator]

THE pod, throws your tripod in trash

OK well maybe not throw your tripod in the trash ( if you are like me you've spent way too much $ on tripods and monopods and still not satisfied ), but you can indeed now leave home without your tripod. bogen introduces the revolutionary The pod. A palm sized camera platform with universal locking mechanism for your camera or camcorder, durable, portable, can be setup on "any surface". Shaped as a hockey puck, THE pod contains plastic beans and is Velcro-sealed. On the outside you will find water-resistant, industrial-grade nylon stitching and non-marking / non-slip base. The maker claims this base can withstand the weight of an average man ( or a woman ). In addition, THE pod comes in three flavors ( differentiated by color - red, blue, and yellow), each flavor customised for where your camera has its tripod mounts. Ok, so how much $ you ask? A mere US$ 21.00. Don't know about you, but I'm off to shopping.

[THE pod]

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sexy Tsaya Phone Holder

Vavoom! I can't decide if this is too geeky or dang HOT! like Aeon Flux. Tsaya is touted as uber-geek or matrix-hot phone / card holder for those women with gorgeous ladies ( you know who you are ). No way these could look remotely appealing on a man. Exclusively available on Tsaya's web site for US$79.00.


Jimi yourself

My never ending search to find the minimalist yet practical wallet has recently led me to the Jimi. Sometimes even called the Anti-Wallet, touted to be a true 'pocket-wallet'. Comes in several colors, splashproof, contains a money clip and card holder. Translucent, Shockproof, Splashproof and even has a lanyard clip. Costs US$14.95 from Jimi on-line store. I'm getting one for sure. Check out the demo if you'd like.