Tuesday, April 11, 2006

JAJAH - finally a VoIP web solution that won't empty your wallet

If you want to take advantage of the insanely low rates of VoIP (voice over IP) but don't want to buy additional equipment nor special phones or monthly service or Skype, then this web based service is for you, called JAJAH WEB. Sign-up, log-in to your account type the number you want to call and the number where you can be reached, the service calls you and connects you to the number you are trying to reach. You can use your land line or cell phone to call within US or even overseas. The interesting part about this service, first they give you 5 minutes of free calling, then to continue you will need to sign-up, however you don't need to pre-pay. They state regarding paying "With JAJAH WEB you will be asked to pay from time to time for the calls you have already made, and not for future calls." Signup is free. Check out their rates page, insanely low.

[JaJah WEB calling]