Friday, April 28, 2006

A not so safe child carrier

There is just something wrong with this picture. I can't imagine the parent could prevent the child from getting bumped or hit amongst the miriad of carry-on luggage rolling passengers at the airport. If you are one who can either control such accidents and want to carry your child like your carry-on through public then this gizmo is for you. Fits any 18" - 22" Height carry on rolling suitcase. US$31.95

[Ride-On Carry-On]

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Angled alarm clock

Forget the complicated switch set alarms, this angled alarm clock turns on/off its alarm, depending on the the angle its laying on. When the LCD time diplay is flat is alarm is on, when its tilted the alarm is off. No mention of snooze though. For US$36.50 you get to pick from 6 different colors.

[on/off tilt Alarm Clock]

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gorgious Aluminum LED numbers, decorate your house

Look at these beauties. These solid aluminum fixtures are anodized to prevent oxidation, using the SUN's rays it powers LED lights during night to light these numbers. Laser cut from the aluminum the light illuminates the background to reveal the number. Each number is US$17.99.

[Solar LED Numbers]

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dot Matrix Watches - I Want One Of Those

Lord, I don't ask for much, but please buy me one of these in black. Does this make me a geek? Well so be it. Hubba hubba! No these are not feature packed but the geek factor that's what makes me so want one. US$112.62

[Dot Matrix Watch]

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

TaskWatch - a time keeping dry erase board

I'm a big fan of Lebedev Studio. Check out this white board with a clock on the middle. The whole surface is a dry erase board and also provides a clock in the middle for GTD method of tracking tasks. If it wasn't priced at US$180.00 I'd be in line to purchase one right now. Maybe one of my readers can make one of their own.


JAJAH - finally a VoIP web solution that won't empty your wallet

If you want to take advantage of the insanely low rates of VoIP (voice over IP) but don't want to buy additional equipment nor special phones or monthly service or Skype, then this web based service is for you, called JAJAH WEB. Sign-up, log-in to your account type the number you want to call and the number where you can be reached, the service calls you and connects you to the number you are trying to reach. You can use your land line or cell phone to call within US or even overseas. The interesting part about this service, first they give you 5 minutes of free calling, then to continue you will need to sign-up, however you don't need to pre-pay. They state regarding paying "With JAJAH WEB you will be asked to pay from time to time for the calls you have already made, and not for future calls." Signup is free. Check out their rates page, insanely low.

[JaJah WEB calling]

Monday, April 10, 2006

Ladies your bluetooth headset wishes are now granted

Ladies, drop those gray or simply black gadgets aimed for guys. These bluetooth headsets are fashionable for women to tote about. At least these have some attaractive and fun color schemes that you will not be ashamed to be seen with in public. Although I can't say much about that guy you are toting about. US$79.99

[Smallest, most stylish headsets for women]

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 - Beauty Gadgets published an excellent article on current day gadgets for women. The contributing author is editor-in-chief of Mia Kim. I commend Mia and the rest of her Popgadget team for maintaining such a excellent blog. The article breaks down the gadgets in categories of Fitness & Fashion, Bathroom Beauty, Hair, Beuty-Enhancing Cameras, and Fried of SheFinds. Great read. Check it out.

[Gadgets to make you feel your best via]

Aqua Glow the mermaids love it

Forget the sticky wax candles or even those flickering wannabe LED candles, choose these Spectrum submersible bathtub mood light. This light can affix to your bathtub with suction cup mount and can cycle through a "rainbow of tranquil blues, tropical greens, or sensuous reds" or lets you pick a hue and make it constant. I wish I had a bathtub like that in the picture. US$19.99

[Aqua Glow Tub Light]

Smooth roll for your Shower Curtain - Glide Shower Rings

OK so I hate to fight with my shower curtain in opening it, why? because literally sometimes I feel I'm tearing up the curtain just to open it. My remedy? Other than not being stuck up about it, is this Glide Shower rings. These rings have concealed brass ball bearings allowing it to travel smoothly and with less jerks and effort, across the shower curtain rod. Simply brilliant. US$14.50 for a set of 12. Comes in chrome only. Oh santa would you get me some?

[Glide Shower Rings]

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Get your spy groove on with I-Sight

How SO techy! Sci-Fi show prop (well not really) can now be your's. These ear mounted reading or tweaking lights come with reversible, adjustable ear loops, use LED light to illuminate. They even have a 'spy' version with green illumination. US$12.95. Get your tech groove on.