Thursday, August 23, 2007

decTop $100 form factor small Computer

decTOP is a fanless personal computer that weighs in at 3 pounds and runs off of 8 watts of power. It comes without any operating systems but supports Windows CE and any flavor of Linux. Although it comes with low level specs (128 MB RAM, 10 GB hard drive, 366 MHz processor), its hard drive and RAM are both upgradeable. If you're looking for a cheap computer for the kiddies, a Linux server, or to create a remotely controlled torret server or internet communication center, then this is for you. Contains 128MB SDRAM / 10GB HDD, V.92 modem / Ethernet, 4 USB / VGA Video Out (up 1600x1200), Microphone In (audio in) / Headphone Out (audio out). Sells for US$100 and includes a mouse and keyboard.